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Pet shop under constructuin

Hey guys the pet shop is under construction again here is a pic from the outside.

There is also going on in the inside here is a pictureHere is a picture of the blue poster.What do you think of the construction? Leave a comment. ~9John Cena~

New mnesage from rocky

Here is the new message Rocky said.

Umm… Right back at ya, Klutzy. I think


Hey guys my page is in construction i will add menus a new background and stuff like that I will make a list of what I’m going to be doing and I will be crossing out each one as I finish it. It may take some time but I will do it.

1. add a new background

2. add stuff to the Menu

3. Add a new Header

4. Eat a dounat to celevrate

I will probablly do more but for now I will do those ones

puffle party

the puffle party is here in the plaza you can find a free itemalso there is another free item in the puffle sho only for members here is a picthe there is another free item for mmbers in the puffle show, in other words the puffle room its still the same as last year.

Also the nightclub rooftop its back for the puffle party there is where you can find Cadence here is a picture of how it looks like but it is only for membersWhat do you think of the puffle party? Leave a comment!

~9John cena~


hey guys I am hiring Authors,contributors,administrator, and editors.

Just leave a comment and say why would you like to be an author and say why you would you like to wor

~9John Cena~

Looking for authors

i am looking for authors just leave a comment and say why you want to join

puffle party

Hey guys I will post soon about the puffle party.

Thanks for waiting~9John Cena~

hello world

hey people I just started my new blog and I will be posting soon.

~9John Cena~