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New catalog cheats!

Hey guys the catalog is here click on this link to watch the video
~9John Cena~

New catalog!

Hey guys the new catalog is out! I will post the video with the cheats soon! Thanks for waiting!

New newspaper!

the post will be coming soon. Thanks for waiting!!

Tips On Finding Rookie

Hey guys. I just wanted to say Rookies now a mascot on CP. Most of you already know, And met him. But heres some tips. Having Trouble Finding Rookie? Here Are Some Helpful Tips For Finding Him! I Hope They Work!

Below are many accurate tips to find Rookie on Club Penguin:

1. Rookie usually logs into the crowded servers during popular hours of the day. (9:01 AM PST – 8:00 PM PST) Rookie visits the less crowded servers during hours when less penguins are online. (8:01 PM PST – 9:00 AM PST)

2. Rookie can only be found in the rooms of the Box Dimension and ONLY occasionally does he visit other rooms such as the Snow Forts.

3. Like every other Club Penguin Mascot, Rookie does attend to take breaks. When he has not been found by anybody in the last 10 – 20 minutes, he is most likely temporarily offline.

4. To avoid thinking another penguin is Rookie, Rookie is a green penguin with red sunglasses and a red propellor hat.

5. When logging in Club Penguin, always look for a crowd. If there’s a large crowd in the middle of the room, there is a big chance Rookie in that room. If there is a large crowd that’s trying to get into another room nearby, it’s possible that Rookie is in the following room.

6. A quick way of knowing if Rookie is in the room is to go to the bottom of your Buddy List and click on the “Penguin’s in room” button (located next to the smiley face). Then, scroll down until you are in the section whose penguin name’s start with “R”.

7. Rookie attends to change server every 10 – 15 minutes, but keep in mind he is usually on several servers at once so make so to always refresh the tracker above.

8. Finding Rookie takes a lot of patience. The best way to find Rookie is to track with friends by either using Twitter, Chats, Forums and by adding penguins!

9. Always look for servers that are in the 3 – 5 full range (depending how popular Club Penguin is at the time). If there is a server that is usually not popular but is suddenly at 4/5 green bars or is full, then there’s a big chance Rookie is on that server.

10. You will always know its him when you click on him because his character will always be making a pose.

Well, I hope this Helped! Have fun finding Rookie! By the way, I was chatting With 9john cena. And Heres what he wanted me to tell all You Guys! Me And Him And Anyone Else That Wants To Join, Are Going On A Fun Trip To Find Rookie! Its Easier To Find Him When Youve Got Help! Remember, EVERYONES Invited! Just go to My chat box or Go to 9john Cenas chat box

2 New pages will be coming soon!

Hey guys its Cena here! Today I am going to tell you about the two new pages they are going to come out. They are Igloo of the week, and Penguin of the week. This is how penguin of the week will be played:

I am going to make a post on each saturday that says: You are allowed to comment for penguin of the week. THis is how it works.You have to post a comment that says your penguins name only once and you will have until sunday night to comment. You can not comment on monday! OK On monday I will write the names in the comments in different papers. Then I will put it on a little box and I will take one and that is who will be the penguin of the week.An yes I will record it so you dont think i cheat.

THis is how igloo of the week works: Each sunday at the time I post you will go to my igloo and put your igloos on map and I will go to each igloo and me and maybe jet if he wants to. Then we will tell the winner and he will have his igloo on igloo of the week!!

And they will be posted before going on the page. Good luck to everyone!!

~9John Cena~

Attention 9Johncenacp authors!

attention to all workers in this site!i wanted to tell you if you know where rookie is please updeat the tracker by clicking edit in the bottom of the post. Thanks!

~9John Cena~

More about EPF movie practice and Rookie

Hey guys I wanted to say those two thing. First Practic will be this Saturday after my party so if you are in the play try to go to the party The part is at 10:00 Am and the practice will probably be like at 12:00 Pm penguin standar time, that means its after 11:00 Am and my part will be a bast! In other words words how about tracking Rookie! Lets do it at 10:00 Am this sunday in my chat box. You have to be there if you want to track it with all of the others who will be there.

Hope you can be in both!

~9John Cena~

More about Rookie

Hey guys as you know Rookie is now a mascot and he now has his own background take  a loo at his own background:

he is mostly likely to be found in the box dimension and some members say that he has been spotted in the members room. He mostly logs on popular and full servers such as Blizzard, Mammoth, Yukon, Yeti, etc. Also keep track on the newest tracker we have about rookie.

Official Rookie Tracker

The Tracker is currently: inactive




Last time online: Server: Aurona, Place Box dimension

Follow nzboy2009 on twitter for latest rookie location

New game is out!

The new game is out and also a target game and the disco lounge is completely different take a  look!

In other words this is the game instructions

unfortunally after you get to a point of score its only for members