120 Cenas contest Giveaway

Hey guys Cena here I am giving 120 Cenas for free The contest is simple I will put clues in this post and you will have the find words according to the clues there will be six clues and you have to send an email to aguevara99@live.com you know that in the top you have to put the e mail adress right? well right in the botton there is an opption for you to right what the email is about well I want you to put the answer there. If is not there I wont look at the email and you will not get the cenas, the first penguin to get it right will win

This are the clues:

The first clue is located in a page were nonmember penguins really want to have.

the second clue is located in a place were you get a lot of points in many different Ways.

The third clue is located were a lot of blogs are told.

The fourth clue is located were you can know who works on this site.

The fifth clue is located in a page that has a lot of pictures and that they make you laugh.

An the sixth clue is located in a page that is under construction and will protect cp when is done.

Ready, set, go, look for the answers!

Good luck!

~9John Cena~

About 9John Cena

hey guy I play cp a lot so if you see me say hi and I may add you. I am a normal penguin but also i am an army penguin. ALso I log in Yeti in Spanish, and in a lot of servers in English but mostly in yeti zipline, Mammoth, Avalanche,Alpine , Marshmellow, and Beanie. And I log in cp almost all days.

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