Having party for new hired author!! And i WILL be there!

Hey guys! Its Jetpack Guy0. I have to say, since now im working here, Im having a party! Its March 26. 5:00 PST (penguin standard time)! Server Tundra PLz come! I wont Miss it!

Who would be there?

9John Cena


pingu pingey

Purple pep 1

Ps this is a sticky post look for the new posts under this post.

About JetPack Guy0

Hey guys. Im a big fan of Club Penguin. Im really nice, and its easy to make me happy. People say im good at games, and hard to beat, and its super hard to make me mad. If your on Club Penguin, and you see me, Shout "Sup Jet!" and i might notice you and add you. Waddle On!

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  1. wicked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ill b there!!!

  3. 9john cena, why did you change it?

  4. I just added something

  5. I did not took out anything you putted

  6. hey guys just a reminder that The Call of Duty Army is under construction It will be ready before March 20.

  7. but u changed server and place


  9. I didnt Changed the server it is still on tundra

  10. I just wanted to say I will record the pary and post it here

  11. Ok thx. Is that why you asked Pingu on his site how to post videos?

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