New Game Is Here But I Cant Play It!

Hey Guys! Its me Jetpack Guy0. Just wanted to say, The new game is here! But for some reason, it doesnt work for me. I took my red puffle to the pet shop to play, (His name is Awesome!) And i clicked yes. I got  Reslly excited to play, But then, It never loaded. Its WORST GLITCH EVER! But it works for everyone else! But me! That Isn’t fair! Well, Waddle on and have fun playing the game! And be glad you can play, because I can’t. Bye!

Wierd Huh its 9John cena starting form here I just wanted to say its super wierd because I am playing it right know!

~9John Cena~


– Jetpack Guy0

About JetPack Guy0

Hey guys. Im a big fan of Club Penguin. Im really nice, and its easy to make me happy. People say im good at games, and hard to beat, and its super hard to make me mad. If your on Club Penguin, and you see me, Shout "Sup Jet!" and i might notice you and add you. Waddle On!

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  1. omg serious!!! that stinks!!! (not to rub it in or anything but i really like the game, its beta than all those other games on cp)

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