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New Club Penguin EPF Message From Gary!

EPF agents, check your spy phones! Gary has sent all EPF agents a new message. In this message, Gary is stating that he has seen Herbert and Protobot unactive and not attempting action. We hope that they stay unactive so we won’t have a lot of trouble to go through. He says that this is a good time to start preparing for Herbert & Protobot’s future plans. Gary will also start explaining about classes next week. Below is a picture of the EPF Message.

The message reads,

“Herbert and Protobot have gone quiet again. This is a good opportunity to prepare. Next week, I’ll start by explaining more about classes.”

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New Site

Hey guys I made a new site! Dont worry is not like this one. Is about another thing. Its a store where me and Nzboy sell animations, headers,backgroudns, costum penguins, etc. Click here to go see it:

New Forum is here!

Register on our new forum  and you can become moderator or super member

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and cena!

New Gear-Field-ops

Hey guys there is a new gear and I am the first penguin ever to buy it!! Here its what it does

Kind of cool huh!! The field op is located in coffee shop.

Hacked igloos Part 2

Here is hacked igloos part 2

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This video is little lame


I met Rockhopper again

Hey guys yesterday I saw Rockhopper! And as you know jet took a pic. I also saw him today but here is the video of yesterday

New stamps- Three games new looks

Hey guys I was going to play Pizzatron when I noticed the screen had a new look. So I went like what the! So i quited the game to look for other looks. But it appeared that I did not got stamps! So i saw the stamp book. And there are the new games that you can get stamps. Pizzatron 3000, and Ice fishing!! Here are the looks and stamps!

Pizzatron stamps:

Pizzatron game look:

Ice fishing stamnps

Ice fishing look: 

And the last look is from cart surfer!!

Hopeyou get stamps!

Waddle On ~9John Cena~

Hacked igloos (nzboy2009 igloos)

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CPIP coming back?

CPIP is coming back? Then click this link to see what i recorded of proof

Want to go to CPIP?

Want to go to CPIP home page? Then click here