Iceberg ruamor

Hey guys for the past couple days I was wondering if you can tip the iceberg I looked up on internet and collect it information from my friends some say its possible some say its impossible I emailed club penguin and asked if you can tip the iceberg or not and I got a reply here is message 

If you cant read here what its says

Hey there Robert,

Thanks for writing in, it is awesome to hear from you! The Iceberg must be one of Club Penguins biggest mysteries. We have heard all kinds of stories from penguins all over the island and no one seems to know for sure. We are interested to know what you have seen or heard. The best way to stay in the know is by attending tipping parties and keeping an eye out for what penguins are saying and doing around the island. Be sure to let us know what you can discover!

Have fun and be sure to let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. We always enjoy receiving the input and feedback from our penguin pals. Thanks for waddling by!

Stay cool,

Club Penguin Fan Mail

We should have iceberg party and everyone should drill

What do you think? Comment and let me know.

Waddle on!


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