all my friends animation

Here is my awesome friends

Like again click on it of it doesnt work

Waddle on!

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Los Angeles best place in world ^^nzboy2009^^

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  1. This is not all my friends but Its awesome animations
    Comment and let me know wat do you think!

  2. Can ya add Jet? I wasn’t in any of the Animations. PS, did you know yesterday Happy77 was at the dock on sleet? I saw her!! I emailed club penguin to ask why penguins with rare old items come to dock on sleet and she said that she went to see for herself and saw me!!! SHE ADDED ME!!!!!
    OMG OMG OMG! btw, she said she doesn’t know why they come there. And i just saw a penguin with a beta hat

  3. Fanmail. Go on contact.

  4. @ Nzboy: Tommy 234 56 and Frosty Biite’s playercards say they are not your friends.

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