You decide!

Hey guys new website look is done we added some widgets but here is your chance to get 50 cenas if you can give us ideas of what should we add we will give you 5o cenas best one will get 90 cenas so keep thinking we will add every GOOD idea on side bars and best ideas like I said before will get 90 cenas

Waddle on!

and cena

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Los Angeles best place in world ^^nzboy2009^^

Posted on April 25, 2011, in Daily posts. Bookmark the permalink. 12 Comments.

  1. Any good ideas you will get 5 best ideas 10 cenacpbucks

  2. but the look is already done.

  3. its done. but we can have ideas of what to add to the sidebar, or pages, etc.

  4. maybe u should add a few trackers to the sidebar.

  5. Hey dude,since I revive 50-100 views a day…I can get you more fans and views!!!!

  6. Do you have a banner????

  7. It’s okay I just put a comment saying press here

  8. Thanks guys for all your ideas as you see we used some and you got your cenas we cant add every single idea you have us best idea so far is from “famous Guy2” who said that we should get banner
    Waddle on!
    ^^nzboy2009^^ Keep Commenting!

  9. Dude maybe we should add a V.I.P. page!
    If we are in the VIP you should email us secret parties’

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