Field Ops 43 Cheats

Club Penguin has released Field Ops 43! This field ops gets harder and harder, most like every field op. This game requires you to use your thinking skills and eyes to know on which to go to. At the Field Ops screen, Gary states that he has received a file that needs to be decoded. He also says that he needs the EPF agents to decode it. Below is a tutorial on how to complete Field Ops #43.
Go over to the Field Ops screen.
Press “Accept” to accept your field ops.

The location for this field ops is at the other side of the EPF room at the computers.
Go ahead and walk over there.
Like I stated above, you will have to use your thinking skills to figure out Field Ops 43.
Good luck agents!
I think Field Ops 43 is a little challenging. What do you think? Leave a comment on your thoughts!

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