New Club Penguin EPF Message from Gary

Today I logged into Club Penguin to complete the new Field Op and noticed a new message has come along with it. This is yet another one from Gary. Here it is below:

Gary said:

Stealth agents are masters of disguise. They solve problems by watching and waiting for the right time to act. They are very secretive.

I have a feeling we will be getting many more messages from Gary explaining the different agent’s duties.


Field Ops 43# | Hey people I will make a video of the NEW Field Ops 43# on youtube search Superboys255 for the video and to see my video thanks peace!

About Superboys255

Hey there. This is Superboys255. My favorite things to do on CP is hanging out with friend and people. I love making site because so you can't wasted your time find it Im sometime on CP with Jetpack Guy0, 9john Cena, Purple, Bean, Ac and other more helper on this site thanks bye!

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