Club Penguin Beta Team Program Exclusive

I found a new way to access the beta test program that leaders use.  You can access it by going to Club Penguin’s blog and clicking on the word at the bottom at the post that says “team”. Or you can click this link, To log in, you will use your own penguin account. When you enter, you will probably like to see a list of commands. To see the list, type in “help”, but without the quotations. From there, you can type in the commands you would like to see.Some of the commands listed won’t be able for you to access, because it is only for the beta test team. Below are some pictures of the beta test program.

I think it was a good idea for Club Penguin to release this. What do you think? Leave a comment on your thoughts.

About Superboys255

Hey there. This is Superboys255. My favorite things to do on CP is hanging out with friend and people. I love making site because so you can't wasted your time find it Im sometime on CP with Jetpack Guy0, 9john Cena, Purple, Bean, Ac and other more helper on this site thanks bye!

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  1. Thanks for posting. But I got something else. I think its the cpip, and if you type ls it takes you to a page to play rollerscape.

  2. Jetpack Guy0

    Superboys255, you just copied the whole thing from Clubpenguincp!

  3. Purple pep 1

    OMG HE DID!!!! :-O

  4. Hey guys Im sorry Im not going do that again ok sorry!

  5. will i get banned?

    plz anwser really soon!


  6. Purple pep 1

    its kwl i finished the game. it was easy

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