Practice for wierd cp life

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Heya! Practice for Wierd Cp Life! And today we are making something different!! We are going to have a V.I.P. Yup you heard it! a V.I.P. For this time we are only having one. (Only for practice the V.I.P can be there) In the future we will have more, and sometimes everyone could go! Well I will explain in the bottom of post how to win. Well anyways here is the information you need to know when practice will be.

This is how you can win, Its going to be really fun that is what i will tell you. Ok this is what you can do. There is going to be a contest were 9John cena,Jetpack, and Ac (if he wants) are going to be judges.And I will post clues and what you will have to wear. Here is more explanation. I am going to see what jet and Ac will wear, and thenI will post clues of what we are dressed as. If you dress as me, Jet, or Ac you will win. You can only dress as one of them. Did you guys got it? Ok! I will post the clues later on! Well anyways this is how we are going to judge. Everyone will be on dock. (same server and time as the practice) and when I come in I will make you guys race to go to the other side of the dock and come back behind me. and the order of how you get in the line that is how you will get judged. When we take one person to my igloo to judge everyone will stay at dock, and when the person is done they will go to dock and tell the second person to come in. Once you see the judges on the dock after some people has gone to their judgement that will mean that somebody won. If no one wins, then the person who has the closest outfit to one of the judges will win.

I will post the rules and the clues later on. Thanks and waddle on!


About 9John Cena

hey guy I play cp a lot so if you see me say hi and I may add you. I am a normal penguin but also i am an army penguin. ALso I log in Yeti in Spanish, and in a lot of servers in English but mostly in yeti zipline, Mammoth, Avalanche,Alpine , Marshmellow, and Beanie. And I log in cp almost all days.

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  1. I wanna Win!

  2. I will tell Bena if she wants to be a judge, If yes then I will set it up differnet.

  3. wait what day? time?

  4. Purple pep 1

    WOOT I ISH EXCITED! buuuut what date?!

  5. Purple pep 1


  6. Purple pep 1

    I cAnT wAiT!!!

  7. Purple pep 1


  8. It will be this saturday.

  9. What time and where? (P.S Sorry,i did not get the igloo.i was really busy.I hope u understand)

  10. and the pic looks like Nz scribbled out.

  11. Purple pep 1

    good thing it wasnt sunday or i wouldnt have come because i have a recital and i have to be there all day :-(!

  12. Purple pep 1

    BUT IM HAPPY ITS ON SATURDAY! 🙂 so no worries lol!

  13. hey next time your doing a movie can i help you???

  14. Guys we dont have the clues yet so we will change the date to next Saturday

  15. Purple pep 1

    ooooo well i cant come. @ 10 pst cuz in real thats my singing lessons. i have a recital 2morrow. im so worried! 😳

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