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Famous Guy2 Mini Party #1

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Me And Penguin 7267 Had Planed a Party!
Bellow Are The Details:
When:July 01, 2011
Eastern Time:6:00pm-6:15pm
Central Time:5:00pm-5:15pm
Mountain Time:4:00pm-4:15pm
Pacific Time:3:00pm-3:00pm-3:15pm
Room:Night Club
Speacial Guests:
What Will We Do?
We Will Add Penguin
We Will Play Games
We Will Send Post Cards
We Will Record
If We Get more That 10+ Penguins, We Will Give Away 4 Coin Codes
Tell Your Friends!! Cause We Are Going To Have a Blast!!

So Hope You Will Be There!
~Famous Guy2

Field Ops #47 Cheats

Today, Club Penguin had released another EPF Field Ops assignment. Field Ops are small missions that allows EPF agents to help keep Club Penguin safe by doing these missions. When you complete a mission, in return you will receive an amazing EPF badge! Let’s get started on this week mission! This week, the EPF will be giving Training-ops.
Use your Spy Gadget and teleport to the EPF Headquarters. Waddle towards the ‘Field Ops’ screen on the top right side.

Now for this week, you’ll need to use your EPF Phone and teleport to the Mine, walk towards the Cave Mine. Go to the Snowball Machine. Don’t forget to answer your Spy Phone!

This week requires you to match the circuits. Use your mouse and hover over the circuits, match the two circuits together. Be quick!

Once you successfully finished this week’s training-ops assignment, you’ll receive another EPF medal! Good job agents! Not only that, the Jet Pack Guy will send you another message to your EPF phone.

Jet Pack Guy:
“Good work. Excellent skills. Remember: Tactical agents have great precision and aim, but need to count on other classes. Look to Stealth agents for strategies, tech agents for digital defenses and Comm agents for fast thinking.”
What Do You Think About This Week Field Ops?
Leave us a Comment!
~Famous Guy2

9John Cena Cadence Tracker

As you guys know The music Jam just came here. What does that mean? Well it means that Cadence will be appearing in Club Penguin this couple of days along with Penguin Band. Here is our 100% accurate Tracker of Dj Cadence:

If Cadence is found we will update it below and then update the Tracker:
Statues: Online
Server: Blizzard
Room: Rooftop
Click the picture to refresh the Tracker and to go to the page where there are tips on finidng Cadence! Use our Chat box to Track Cadence:

Click Here For Our Chat!

Music Jam 2011 Cheats

Hey everyone!

Today the Music Jam started. Here are the cheats:

Go to the Snow Forts, Iceberg, or Ski Village and click on the “Shirts Rock” store.

Here you can get the V.I.P. pass if you are a member. Look at the Catalog:

Then, go to the cove. There is a Music Jam hat:

Doesn’t everyone love this dance?

Then go to the Backstage and get the Music Jam T-Shirt.

Last but not least go to the Rooftop. Look at the changes:

Get the Boombox. This is the last cheat:

So. Did you like the Party? I did!

What do you think Club Penguin can improve? Comment!


Club Penguin New Login Screen!

Today while I was Logging In I saw the Club Penguin Put a new Club Penguin Music Jam Log in Screen!
Take A Look:

What Do You Think About This Update??
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More Cheats Coming In Minutes!!


                                                                                                                          if you cant read it is says

I’m pleased to report that all damage from the Hydra-bot has been repaired.

Excellent work everybody!

keep waddling around and COMMENT to see what you think


i have updated the HOW TO BE A TOURGUIDE ON THE WEBSITE page thankyou




 And it reads if you cant see it 

I have spoken with the Director,and Field-Ops will return later this month.For now everyone’s orders are to enjoy Music Jam.


keep on waddling


There will be a party on June 11, 2011!

Here are The details:


Room:My Igloo


Central Time Zone:3:00Pm-3:20Pm

Eastern Time Zone:4:00Pm-4:20Pm

Mountain Time Zone:2:00Pm-2:20Pm

Pacific Time Zone:1:00Pm-1:20pm

(If you live In the UK I will tell you on a post.)

Thing We Will Do:

Record For 5 Minutes

Add 10 Penguins

Send Post Cards

Play Games With You!

Famous Penguins That Will Come:

*Famous Guy2




Cool J735

9John Cena

Jetpack Guy0




Leave Us A Comment If You Can Come!

Club Penguin Bug is fixed

Hey guys as you know you migh have been getting banned by wearing a missplaced ite for 72 hours. Billybob posted about the glitch. This glitch is fixed by now but be in the look out if something else happens like that.

-9John Cena