Field Ops #47 Cheats

Today, Club Penguin had released another EPF Field Ops assignment. Field Ops are small missions that allows EPF agents to help keep Club Penguin safe by doing these missions. When you complete a mission, in return you will receive an amazing EPF badge! Let’s get started on this week mission! This week, the EPF will be giving Training-ops.
Use your Spy Gadget and teleport to the EPF Headquarters. Waddle towards the ‘Field Ops’ screen on the top right side.

Now for this week, you’ll need to use your EPF Phone and teleport to the Mine, walk towards the Cave Mine. Go to the Snowball Machine. Don’t forget to answer your Spy Phone!

This week requires you to match the circuits. Use your mouse and hover over the circuits, match the two circuits together. Be quick!

Once you successfully finished this week’s training-ops assignment, you’ll receive another EPF medal! Good job agents! Not only that, the Jet Pack Guy will send you another message to your EPF phone.

Jet Pack Guy:
“Good work. Excellent skills. Remember: Tactical agents have great precision and aim, but need to count on other classes. Look to Stealth agents for strategies, tech agents for digital defenses and Comm agents for fast thinking.”
What Do You Think About This Week Field Ops?
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~Famous Guy2

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