Famous Guy2 Mini Party #1

*This is A Sticky Post, Scroll Down For More Post*
Me And Penguin 7267 Had Planed a Party!
Bellow Are The Details:
When:July 01, 2011
Eastern Time:6:00pm-6:15pm
Central Time:5:00pm-5:15pm
Mountain Time:4:00pm-4:15pm
Pacific Time:3:00pm-3:00pm-3:15pm
Room:Night Club
Speacial Guests:
What Will We Do?
We Will Add Penguin
We Will Play Games
We Will Send Post Cards
We Will Record
If We Get more That 10+ Penguins, We Will Give Away 4 Coin Codes
Tell Your Friends!! Cause We Are Going To Have a Blast!!

So Hope You Will Be There!
~Famous Guy2

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  1. I cannot wait. Could you please comment on my latest post and tell me what you think of it please.

  2. Oh and 9John Cena you got 2/3 on the hide and seek quiz! Well done! Keep trying for picture 2! 😀

  3. Cool new header

  4. I updated the hide and seek and added a new picture (EXTRA hard 😉 ) so try your best!

  5. I’m coming guys,I will try tell some of my fans.

  6. sorry i couldn’t make it.

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