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we have moved!

Guss why I have not been posting! It was because I was making a new blog! Now I’m temed up with Yeti321! Go check it out now! GO NOW!


Hey its me nzboy2009 I am still in Europe I  will be back in about a month I missed you all Guys I have commented on your chat when i get back i will give away a membership code and YES i will be member on club penguing again






Club Penguin Tiki Mask Pin Cheats

Today while I was heading to the dock, I noticed that a new pin was here! This pin is the Tiki Mask Pin, located at the dock:

What do you think about the new pin? Let us know in the comments!


Club Penguin July 2011 Paychecks

Today when I went to Club penguin I noticed that I had postcards! When I checked them the were the paychecks. They were the Elite Penguin force, and the Tour guide pay check! Check them out.

Those are this months paychecks! If you did not got this paychecks it probably means you are not a tour Guide or an EPF Agent. If you are one then you should have gotten this paychecks! What are you going to do with this money you got from the paychecks? Let us know in the comments!

-9John Cena