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Puffle Info and Mideval Sneak Peek!

This is a message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!
Some of you have let us know that your puffles aren’t appearing in your igloo right now. Don’t worry — your puffles aren’t gone. The team is working to repair the database so you can see your puffles again. Thanks for your patience!
In other news… the Medieval Party is coming to the island soon! Here’s a sneak peek of the entrance to the three Knight’s Quests:
What are you doing to get ready for the party? Let us know in the comments!
Until then… Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team
Thats the sneak peek! from Billybob!
Can you wait for the party? Let me know in the comments!

9john Cena Gets Even MORE Famous!

Hey Guys! I was checking Chrisdog93s site, because i recently spotted super pacman1, And guess what  i saw?? 9john Cena in a photo!

it was awesome!  i was like, Wow! Cena will be glad when i post this! Heres a picture!

Credit to Surpacman1 for Taking this picture that i borrowed. i just had to post this cuz cena will bbe more famous! CONGRADULATIONS!

Your Friend,

-^- Jetpack Guy0-^-

WARNING: DO NOT GO TO CDS PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Penguins! Just warning you. DO NOT GO TO CHRISDOG93s PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why? Because Chrisdog93 The famous blogger, Hacks Penguins And Scams Penguins. He Always Does. So I wouldnt go to his party if i were you. Do You want to be hacked and banned forever? I dont. So that means DONT go to Chrisdog93s party! Just warning you. And that means I will never,ever,ever,ever,ever,ever,ever,ever,ever,ever,ever,ever,ever,ever,ever,ever,ever Go to on of Chrisdogs partys. Well, Hope to not see you at Chrisdogs Party! Cuz i wont be there!

Waddle on!  DONT GO!

Jetpack GuyO

Tips On Finding Rookie

Hey guys. I just wanted to say Rookies now a mascot on CP. Most of you already know, And met him. But heres some tips. Having Trouble Finding Rookie? Here Are Some Helpful Tips For Finding Him! I Hope They Work!

Below are many accurate tips to find Rookie on Club Penguin:

1. Rookie usually logs into the crowded servers during popular hours of the day. (9:01 AM PST – 8:00 PM PST) Rookie visits the less crowded servers during hours when less penguins are online. (8:01 PM PST – 9:00 AM PST)

2. Rookie can only be found in the rooms of the Box Dimension and ONLY occasionally does he visit other rooms such as the Snow Forts.

3. Like every other Club Penguin Mascot, Rookie does attend to take breaks. When he has not been found by anybody in the last 10 – 20 minutes, he is most likely temporarily offline.

4. To avoid thinking another penguin is Rookie, Rookie is a green penguin with red sunglasses and a red propellor hat.

5. When logging in Club Penguin, always look for a crowd. If there’s a large crowd in the middle of the room, there is a big chance Rookie in that room. If there is a large crowd that’s trying to get into another room nearby, it’s possible that Rookie is in the following room.

6. A quick way of knowing if Rookie is in the room is to go to the bottom of your Buddy List and click on the “Penguin’s in room” button (located next to the smiley face). Then, scroll down until you are in the section whose penguin name’s start with “R”.

7. Rookie attends to change server every 10 – 15 minutes, but keep in mind he is usually on several servers at once so make so to always refresh the tracker above.

8. Finding Rookie takes a lot of patience. The best way to find Rookie is to track with friends by either using Twitter, Chats, Forums and by adding penguins!

9. Always look for servers that are in the 3 – 5 full range (depending how popular Club Penguin is at the time). If there is a server that is usually not popular but is suddenly at 4/5 green bars or is full, then there’s a big chance Rookie is on that server.

10. You will always know its him when you click on him because his character will always be making a pose.

Well, I hope this Helped! Have fun finding Rookie! By the way, I was chatting With 9john cena. And Heres what he wanted me to tell all You Guys! Me And Him And Anyone Else That Wants To Join, Are Going On A Fun Trip To Find Rookie! Its Easier To Find Him When Youve Got Help! Remember, EVERYONES Invited! Just go to My chat box or Go to 9john Cenas chat box



Club Penguin- Puffle Game is Here!

Hey guys! Its Jetpack Guy0. Billybob just posted about the new puffle game! He said:

Hello Penguins! Some of you may have noticed already, but the new game is out at the Pet Shop! We’ve already seen a few of you telling your buddies about it. Thanks for letting other penguins know.

What do you think of the puffle game so far? What’s your favorite level? Let us know in the comments. The Team would love to hear what you have to say!

Until then… Waddle on! – Billybob

Thats what he said. Well, Waddle on!

– Jetpack Guy0

Having party for new hired author!! And i WILL be there!

Hey guys! Its Jetpack Guy0. I have to say, since now im working here, Im having a party! Its March 26. 5:00 PST (penguin standard time)! Server Tundra PLz come! I wont Miss it!

Who would be there?

9John Cena


pingu pingey

Purple pep 1

Ps this is a sticky post look for the new posts under this post.

New Game Is Here But I Cant Play It!

Hey Guys! Its me Jetpack Guy0. Just wanted to say, The new game is here! But for some reason, it doesnt work for me. I took my red puffle to the pet shop to play, (His name is Awesome!) And i clicked yes. I got  Reslly excited to play, But then, It never loaded. Its WORST GLITCH EVER! But it works for everyone else! But me! That Isn’t fair! Well, Waddle on and have fun playing the game! And be glad you can play, because I can’t. Bye!

Wierd Huh its 9John cena starting form here I just wanted to say its super wierd because I am playing it right know!

~9John Cena~


– Jetpack Guy0

New author!

Hey Guys! Im a new author here on this site. My name is Jetpack Guy0. But sometimes if i post it will say by Carter2058 maybe. Thats my old banned account. But it will always still be me. Well, Waddle On!

Jetpack Guy0