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Sorry guys

Hey this is the only site I can post this. I dont play club penguin any more so can you please stop sending me fans emails to my email thanks your best friend nzboy2009



Hey its me nzboy2009 I am still in Europe I  will be back in about a month I missed you all Guys I have commented on your chat when i get back i will give away a membership code and YES i will be member on club penguing again






New Forum is here!

Register on our new forum  and you can become moderator or super member

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and cena!

Hacked igloos Part 2

Here is hacked igloos part 2

Comment and let me know

This video is little lame


Hacked igloos (nzboy2009 igloos)

Comment and let me know what do you think

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You decide!

Hey guys new website look is done we added some widgets but here is your chance to get 50 cenas if you can give us ideas of what should we add we will give you 5o cenas best one will get 90 cenas so keep thinking we will add every GOOD idea on side bars and best ideas like I said before will get 90 cenas

Waddle on!

and cena

New website look

Hey I am working on website and there is new look coming soon so dont forget to check plus there lot of updates coming up for now

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Cena picture

My New Friends (animations)

Hey this is another animations

Like it?

Comment and let me know!

all my friends animation

Here is my awesome friends

Like again click on it of it doesnt work

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