How to be a fire Ninja!

To become a Fire Ninja, there are two requirements.

  • You must be a member
  • You must be a Secret Ninja

If you have those two things then you are ready to become a secret Ninja!

  1. Go to the Dojo Hideout
  2. Click the Red tomb and go through the door.

3. Talk to Sensei. Sensei will give you some card jistu fire cards to start with.

This game is about the number of the card. The number of the card is mostly what matters. When you are playing card Jitsu select one of the center stones. It will give you a number from 1-6. After that it will give you two stones with a picture of eather snow, water, or fire. Then chooce the type of card you want.

  • If you land In a stone of water, fire, or ice then it will be a battle of eather water, fire, or ice. In this case, to win chooce the card with the highest number.
  • If a Penguin lands on a stone with you, then it will turn into a normal Card Jitsu Battle. If one Penguin lands In a stone with a picture of two cards then He will pick a person to duel in a normal card jitsu battle. In this case the person who wins this battle will get one more energy.

The point of this game is to make your opponents to run out of energy. Every time you loose a round you will loose one energy. If you win it then you won’t. The only way to gain 1 enery is to beat an oppenent in a 1 vs 1 Card Jistu Duel.

In the left side of the volcano there is a poster that says “legends” The poster is about the the items there is to win before you master the element of fire.




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