Club Penguin New Login Screen!

Today while I was Logging In I saw the Club Penguin Put a new Club Penguin Music Jam Log in Screen!
Take A Look:

What Do You Think About This Update??
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More Cheats Coming In Minutes!!


                                                                                                                          if you cant read it is says

I’m pleased to report that all damage from the Hydra-bot has been repaired.

Excellent work everybody!

keep waddling around and COMMENT to see what you think


i have updated the HOW TO BE A TOURGUIDE ON THE WEBSITE page thankyou




 And it reads if you cant see it 

I have spoken with the Director,and Field-Ops will return later this month.For now everyone’s orders are to enjoy Music Jam.


keep on waddling


There will be a party on June 11, 2011!

Here are The details:


Room:My Igloo


Central Time Zone:3:00Pm-3:20Pm

Eastern Time Zone:4:00Pm-4:20Pm

Mountain Time Zone:2:00Pm-2:20Pm

Pacific Time Zone:1:00Pm-1:20pm

(If you live In the UK I will tell you on a post.)

Thing We Will Do:

Record For 5 Minutes

Add 10 Penguins

Send Post Cards

Play Games With You!

Famous Penguins That Will Come:

*Famous Guy2




Cool J735

9John Cena

Jetpack Guy0




Leave Us A Comment If You Can Come!

Club Penguin Bug is fixed

Hey guys as you know you migh have been getting banned by wearing a missplaced ite for 72 hours. Billybob posted about the glitch. This glitch is fixed by now but be in the look out if something else happens like that.

-9John Cena

TCPC team party sneek pic

Hey guys, today I am charing with you guys some news that my boss watex gave me permission to do. Well those news are that TCPC is having a team party where you get to meet some members of the team. Right now I can not give you any information of when will it be or where, or even the time because I am still discussinf the time, place, and when with watex. I will give you guys more information when I get more, Thank you,


Club Penguin New Pin Cheat!

When I logged on to Club Penguin I was playing hide or seek with Matthew277 he was hiding at the Hidden Lake so when I went there, there was a new pin a Red Guitar Pin Cheat here is how it look like:

there is the Guitar Pin Cheat to get the pin go to Club Penguin go to the Hidden Lake then you will find the Guitar Pin. Comment and let us know?

1-4 compleat

As you guys know my site is under construction and this time i was not kidding. Now you can see that I changed the theme, and added pages. In other words I am not done at all! I still my header which will be done soon, add widgets. There is one more thing. As you can see in the pages almost all of them are blank, so we need to compleat those pages. So this means we have done one thing out of the four things we need to do in the site and I am hoping the site is done before June 20.

Thank you.
-9John Cena

9JCCPIP ( 9John Cena Club Penguin Improvement Project)

Hey guys. in the couple of weeks I have gotten some really bad hits like 80 views a day and I usually get over 100. I think this is because I have been incative for a while. I know I have been incactive for a whhile because I have to work hard at TCPC. Anyways I am making a come back. I will post really soon everything that is coming up. Before that 9JCCPIP has to be here. That is the site’s improvement project name. In this couple of days this site will be restarted. In those words I mean most of the pages will be gone, the sidebar will be compleatly gone, and header, background and theme will be changed. And another thing, scince we will not have good conditions on the site we will be permanently inactive with posting until the site is done. Thank you guys and we hope we are done soon.

                                   -9John Cena