Episode 1

Heya! Good news I just got the first and second script done Hope you like them. Here is the first one: Cena is sitting on couch and Timmy (Ac Dude 1) and Jet (Jetpack Guy0) comes in and Cena asks: How was school? Jet answers good! I got a good grade in math! Cena interupts and says good! how about you timmy? Timmy says well I got mad at the teacher. Why did you got mad at her?  asked Jet. Timmy says because she was mad at me. Oh well what else said Cena. Timmy says so i got mad and threw a snowball at her and i got kicked out of class. You what! Yelled out Cena and Jet. But who cares. ( Tmmy walks to his room and in the middle of his way Cena says) Wow wow! hold it right there! Timmy says What now! Cena says what do you mean what now! That was rude! In the middle of the fight Jet comes and says. Guys stop fighting! timmy says stay out of this dummy! Jet cries and cena says: Thats it that is a time out!! To your room. Jet says hahahaha and Cena says: you shut it. So Cena takes Timmy to his room and starts spaniking him. Some minutes later Cena says Well gtg work. Timmy take care of Jet. Timmy says Yeah yeah. After Cena is gone they will be watching Tv and Tim says: you want something to drink? Sure says Jet.( When he goes to get drink tim decides to make a prank and makes a little hole on the can so it can spill on him) When he gives the drink he says Here you go. Drink it. Jet drinks it and sees the spill. So he gets really mad and starts punching and kicking Tim. So Tim finally runs and calls Cena in work. So Cena goes back to house and yells Jetpackguy!!! Why are you doing that? and what in the world happened to your new shirt! Jet says well it was tim he made a hole in the can so it will spill on me. Cena yells. Ok thats it Timothy! You are grounded! To your room! The End.

Episode 2

Episode number 2 part 1. Cena is in his house eating dinner with jet and timmy. His phone rings and starts talking to Ttbean15 (Jets and Timmys mom) After he stops talkin Cena tells the boys about having a baby sister. Jet starts smiling and is very exicted, but Timmy does not care. Cena says we are all going on a plane (entimalo is going to be the pilot) We go to Beans igloo and she says that she is going to have a little girl called  Leasly. So everyone gets exicted except Timmy so cena whispers him: You better act happy! or bad stuff will happen. Cena asks bean: When will you have it? Bean says in a week. So Jet says Yay can we come and see him? Of course! Said bean. Ok well we have to go. see ya! When they go in the plane they ask the pilot when will be there? Just shut it! And let me drive. jeez you are mean to Cena. Says Jet. Cena yells Timmy turn off your i pod and stop dancing. Timmy yells you are not the boss of me. Oh you are on.  Cena yells and starts to fight trying to get it off of him. So the i pod ends falling of the window. So Timmy says: What is your poblem! Oh yeah try hearing it now! Oh you cant! haha Cena says. When the finally get home they go to sleep. To Be continue…

Episode 2 Part 2. Alrm Clock rings and Cena yells.. Wake Up guys!! WHat! yells Tommy We have to meet your baby sis we are late!  Oh plz its only passes a week says Jet. Nooo! Its has been a year and a week! Yelled Cena. Jet says: Well lets go. whatever says Timmy. When they get in the plane they just stay there and feel asleep. When they get there the one year baby sister is with bean. (Her mom)Bean says Its time for you to take her with you. Yay! says Jet and Cena. But timmy says interesting. Timmy! dont start again. Says jet. Leasly says Brothers!! yet says Yes! We are your brothers. When they get home Cena goes to see Tv and says: I want you guys to know Leasly and het to know you guys. Ok says everyone. Then Jet and Timmy start talking and ignoring Leasly. So Leasly says: What do you guys do for fun? Well I like to prank Jet a lot. said Timmy. Oh yeah well i like to kick and trick Timmy a lot. Said Jet. Cena comes and says well lets eat dinner guys! Yay! said the brothers and sister.Ok then lets sit down and eat. Said Cena When they are at the table Jet starts to make fun of Timmy and Timmy starts to bully Jet so Leasly screams: Guys stop it! While they are fighting the cndles in the table spills and the igloo starts to burn. So I just put pictures that look like its burning. So Cena says Lets go in the Car to Beans Igloo. When they leave the igloo. The episode ends. The End

  1. Kk so Im the mom? Kewl ;D Anway if i need to dress or make my iggy a certain way just let me kno… cuz I can dress as a mom and I can make my iggy into like, a house. This gonna b awesome 🙂

    *Ttbean15* + *Kiww406*

  2. im gonna try to get the igloo P.S wich furniture should i use?

  3. can i be in the epsodes

  4. whens practice for part 2?

  5. well episode 2

  6. DRAMATIC ENDING! and just to make sure im the baby sister. u told me in cp or on the chat but just to make sure.

  7. Be quiet im trying to drive! Just practicing.

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