funny pics

Oh Yeah! In your face Old man!! WHo is a better ninja now huh!!

Uh Oh.. Cena is on a predicament because he cant swim. Now he is stuck in that rock forever until help comes!

Ouch!! My Face!

Cp does not think of the little guys.

I am coming cp!

So long cp!

Pic a boo!

 I think I might be into her

Ya. I know. I draw awsome!

Ok cp really needs art lessons!

ok This does not work at all!

I Just got that bag. rrrr 

Hurry Up! Its already December 30!

  1. more coming soon

  2. Ok. When will they come? remind me on pingus site to come here and see ’em

  3. Ill try to get more ppl to come here!

  4. Your website is not too bad but you need to crop pictures

  5. yeah I know I already lerned how to

  6. Hey cena you mostly just copied them from my website kind of, But next time just ask me.

  7. Ttbean15 and Kiwi406

    Kewl cena! We gotta visit more often and look at the pics!! 🙂

    *Ttbean15* + *Kiwi406*

  8. hi people

  9. i like food

  10. hey,9Johncena do u have a laptop and if u do what kind cause i might think i have that one

  11. i really need a site.

  12. *sigh*

  13. You should make a pancake with your penguin on it

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