Nzboy2009 awesome pictures

Nzboy2009 Background!

  1. TRUELY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Woah awesome!! 😀

    *Ttbean15* + *Kiwi406*

  3. Any ideas of what I should make
    Comment PLZ

  4. i got to admitt that pretty awesome and u should make a famouse penguins player card but add ur name.i hope i get cenas or something for this:)

  5. Seems odd that Herbert is there on Club Penguin. I am pretty sure we can handle that situation.

  6. it would be awsome if u can get a backgrounds by herbert and nzboy2009

  7. It would be awesome if you could get a backround from Dot also. 😀

  8. and Klutzy 😀

  9. and Jetpack guy!!!!!!!!!

  10. and the Director (shhhhhhh!) XD 😀

  11. and it would be cool if u could get a background by 9john cena

  12. And Gentimalo XD 😀

  13. I will add all your ideas SOON Thanks guys keep commenting with your ideas

  14. hey what up guys zacko here

  15. and Jetpackguy0 😀

  16. and Ac dude 1 XD

  17. pretty much almost everybody… XD

  18. it would be cool if u made me a player card and background

  19. Nz can i meet u on CP?

  20. Sure look at the party and I may be there

  21. wich party? Ac’s party?

  22. im not having a party i hate club penguin

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