This is where administrators test their banners, pictures, posts, or even sidebar pictures. Why do they do it? Well here is where they can see the size, whats is necessary, what it needs to be added, and even your opinion about it. Why are we doing this? Well so you guys can have the posts in the home page better than ever. We want you guys to have the bests cheats, pictures, and header.

In the case if I put one. I would not need the authors to fix anything because I am the main owner for him. If I add one it will be just to get the picture link so I can add it to the sidebar, or even to get your opinin in the picture. I might be the main editor of this pages, pictures. But that does’nt mean you guys can be right. So comment on what you think of the pictures that the admins update here!

In the case of Authors. Like the authors are not authorized to edit pages you guys will have to do it a different way. If you think you made a post that you think you think its not good just fill the form below! Once I get the e-mail I will update it here with password protected so only admins will see it. Once its check eather by Jetpack Guy0, Nzboy2009, or 9John Cena and they approved it 9John Cena will post it with the name of the author. Please fill this form and I will try to update it here:


Test Banner:

  1. We need a background without lines.

  2. Then people think we copied the background

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