Dj Cadence Tracker

Click picture to enlarge.

Here are some tips of Finding Cadence:

  • Cadence Is a mascot that gets online in some peek hours in the day
  • Cadence can be mostly found in popular servers like Yukon, yeti, etc
  • cadence can be also found in less popular servers
  • If you see a server that is never full and you see it full try searching there.
  • Cadence is a penguin that can Dance with her clothes on and has a hair item that has not been in cp.
  • If you go to a room, and there is a lot of people in one place try to look there.
  • Cadence can be loged in in more than 2 servers at the time so it will be more easier to find.
  • Cadence will be mostly visiting Club Penguin in Music Jam and Puffle Party.

Try using those tips to find Cadence! Have fun Tracking!

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