9John Cena Games

 What is not supposed to be here

This game is another unique game that I made up. This are the instructions:you have to tell me in the comments what is not supposed to be there.. Its easy right!?! This are the points you can get and how do you get them: In the side of the pic it will say easy, medium,hard, or super hard (this one would not appear a lot.) This are the Cenas you can get. For each one you get 10 Cenas. Good luck!


  What is the Igloo?

Instructions: I will give you picture of an igloo. (If its not mine I will give credit to who the igloo belongs.) Then you will have to guesswhat the igloo is and leave a comment with your answer. Each Correct answer will give you 50 Cenas. And I will try to always

add more than what I have

igloo credit goes to 9John Cena  

igloo credit goes to  sam0828       

igloo credit goes to jeans 7281

Igloo credit goes to 8elli8         

igloo credit goes to     tri788               


Guess the Room                                         

Guess the room is a game that Jet invented, its about I giving you clues of the room and you have to guess it in the comments
1. I am a room where the main thing is something bitter and there is a second room that has things that remind you of the past years and. A cool game..

2I am now an entrance to a secret room and I used to be a room where you could buy sport items.

3 i am a place where you sell yummy stuff and there is a piano and a game.

4 I am a room where you can play instruments and there is no game or music.

5 I am a room with a game that involves fish and there is another game that has two colors. ( blue, and red)

6. I am a room where you can break it down! and right now there is something now in that top floor. It also has a special room in some partys.

7. I am a room that there is a huge light and a game. and something that you can see a mascot.

8. I am a place where you can play something that slides and I am really tall.

9. I am a room where it just got renew and has a game of catching somethig and they sell something that a lot of penguins like  for 800 coins

10. I am a room that is really dark and has a road to a room with water and has a game with something gray

11. I am a room where you can look at old stuff and it takes you right up to a place next to a shop.

12. I am somewhere that only members can go to, and its all covered in water.

13. I am a room where there is a lot of stuff to save the planet and has a “plant” on its name

That is it for now. Each one corect will give you 20 Cenas each. Good luck!

  1. Why can’t we comment?

  2. How can I post the answers?

  3. I don’t mean to sound rude or anything but the Games Page is my idea
    I should get credit and a CLICK-ABLE link to my site 🙂
    My site: http://mpclubpenguin.wordpress.com

  4. Ummm actually this games where my idea. I came up with them

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