Cenacp Store

Welcome to Cenacp store! In this page you can spend your Cenacp bucks for some club penguin prizes! For each Cenacp buck you get it counts as one. I can give up to 3 Cenacp bucks at the time.Cenacp bucks are money that are only valuable at 9johncenacp.wordpress.com.

I give Cenacp bucks anywhere! and you can get some in a lot of ways! This are the ones were you can get more Cenacp bucks. Like giving glitches,tips, tricks, and I also give a lot in my chat box!.

These are not the only ways of earning them, but those are the main things were I will give you guys Cenacp bucks. ask you guys to never ask for Cenacp bucks or brag that you have a lot. You will get them once I tell you so. Never ask for them, Cenacp bucks can also get taking away because of braging, asking and more stuff.I wish you the best of luck.

Belog is a list to keep track of how

many people have Cenacp Bucks

Gentimalo: 5 Cenacp bucks 
Famous Guy2:2 Cenacp Bucks      

Also if you comment in the bottom of this page you will start off with 5 Cenacp Bucks

Well at last you should be thinking.. What am I going to do with my Cenacp bucks! Well this is actually the best part of this page. You are going to be able to spend them on cool prizes! Awsome right? But you have to have your little cash earned before spending it!

                              Now I introduce you the Cenacp official catalog  (version 1)


10 Cenacp bucks: Have a postcard from Cena

15 Cenacp bucks: Hang with Cena on cp

60 Have Cena work at yout blog without me accepting or having to fill up a form.

If you are going to buy something from the catalogs please fill up this form belog

  1. hey guys i am working on the low price items. They will be coming very soon guys!

  2. I wanna ask u something Cena…How do we keep track of our Cenacp bucks?

  3. Kewl Cena well we gtg so ttyl like tomorrow 🙂 yay 5 Cenacp bucks

    *Ttbean15* + *Kiwi406*

  4. wait a second if i wanted to get cenas before cenacp bucks and did games for cenas does it get copied from those times i did the games cuz now i have to do it again.

  5. i have a suggestion a low price item should be: 40 cenacp bucks u can get interveiwed. that should be a good low price item.

  6. o sorry thats in the catalog already. 😦

  7. whens virsion 2 catalog?

  8. Hello How do you earn more cenas?

  9. Ok, I’d like to start collecting them. how many cena bucks to become author?

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