Epf Movie play

Hey guys this is the play. I finally get to post it because the black out in wordpress. Well here are stuff you need to know that my be  on the play: If you see this ( is what you are going to act, if you see says and : it means that the next thing is what you will say. If you see this (send) in the middle of the thing you are going to say it means that you have to press enter and then write the rest.

Here is the script: (ochrisdog93 and bluecheese 1 walk outside the Coffee shop) and ochrisdog93 says: good thing the (send) coffee shop ( send) has pies now. Blue says I know right! ( the two of you start walking to the forts. When you get there you will stand in the middle and start talking of what you want.) ( Soon a rober comes from behind and graves blue) and  says: gieve me your pies! ( 0chris gives the pies) and says here! ( send) have them. ( then the robers gets them and pushes ochris and runs). ( To his igloo.) Chris finds info of the rober and then He sits and starts thinking what to do).  (Then Agents will be sitting on the chairs and prettending to be taking a brake and eating.) ( Soon 0Chris comes and says: a rober ( send) stole my pies (send) and my wife (send) what should I do? 9John Cena says: do you have any ( send) info? Chris says: Yes i found this. Ac dude 1 says give me that clue. ( Chris gives the clue) Purple pep 1 says dont worry (send) we will find her. (Then chris leaves.) ( When he leaves I will make a call to jet to tell us to help and then he will try to come as soon as posible to the EPF.) While he comes we start researching in the computers about the paper.) ( When Jet comes Purple will say: Ac you stay here (send) and help me (send) with the computers. Cena and Jet (send) go investigate. ( in about a minute purple will send us a postcard to go to the Epf. and if we have clues we bring them to purple.) (Ater that with the info we have we will start researching)and soon I will say: I found him. ( Then we go to his igloo and he will drop the pies and blue and an agent Jet will stay there.) (so he can go log in with his other penguin) Then rober will go to the town and we will start chasing him. After I get him  you guys will make a circle around me so he cant escape. Then I will cuff him andsend him to the EPF) ( In the EPF Purple pep 1 will call chris and say: We found the rober (send) come to the (send) EPf to see your (send) Wife. While he comes we will start talking to rober. When chris comes he will say: Thank you Agents. And all of us will say: any time.

Here are what we will do in the chasing: we will all try tackling him once and we will miss, then purple will tackle him but he will escape. Then I get him and he is about to escape but you guys jump in and get him. THen you will make the circle around me and I will cuff him.

~9John Cena~

About 9John Cena

hey guy I play cp a lot so if you see me say hi and I may add you. I am a normal penguin but also i am an army penguin. ALso I log in Yeti in Spanish, and in a lot of servers in English but mostly in yeti zipline, Mammoth, Avalanche,Alpine , Marshmellow, and Beanie. And I log in cp almost all days.

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  1. OH DARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my printers broken ill get my dad to fix it

  2. why do i only have won line ?

  3. Got it. So i have two parts. Because i got two penguins. I think i can handle that. Just while were acting, ill have another tab open and it has the script. So one penguin is on at once, and the other penguin comes on when 0chris leaves so jet can come? Got it. Lez do this! So practice starts the day after my party? And the real movie idk if i can be there. But i might. Cuz thats my dads b day on april 2nd. Ill check if i can be there. Hope i can!

  4. o gosh i have a LOT of lines. ill print it l8r

  5. at the end when i say to come to the EPF to see his wife. who is the wife im showing him?

  6. wait r u going to send this to our email????? cuz i can just print it. if u already did then ill check l8r

  7. ac why do u only have like one line and i have a bunch. im alrite with having a bunch but is ac kwl with that? and if ur printer is broken u dont have to print it if u only hav 1 line. jst memorize it

  8. Ok. So practice starts sunday?

  9. Dang i have to memorize alot! I have to use both penguins! Wow! Each one has like 20 lines!!

  10. you know jet. You can always right them down

  11. o and one more thing. for the EPF movie (stay in contact) will you give the pass to ppl in the movie??? it would b good cause the chat doesnt work for me still

  12. can my friend 7russle be a extra robber? hes my friend in real life and he REALLY wants to be in it!!!! plz!!!

  13. and it will make the movie better

  14. COME ON 9JOHN CENA. can u give him like a little roll or something. i mean it is ac’s friend in REAL.

  15. i guess he can be another back up rober. He will not have lines he can say what he wants

  16. Ok. So 7russle and Braydendk are robbers.

  17. got it. Easy peasy nice and cheesy lol

  18. lolz as i said for the EPF movie (stay in contact) will you give the pass to ppl in the movie??? it would b good cause the chat doesnt work for me still

  19. lolz so as i said for the EPF movie (stay in contact) will you give the pass to ppl in the movie??? it would b good cause the chat doesnt work for me still


  21. do we cuff the robbers in the town or the snowforts?

  22. What if the robbers were sick? Like the people who made that account?

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