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Due to the unfortunate EPF movie because nobody showed up exept Ac Dude 1 Purple Pep 1 and Jetpack Guy0 they are all going to be main characters. But that does not mean you will not be in it! We will be needing in the second movie Ttbean15. And on third Beand and Braydenk. like that. You guys get it. good because I dont want you to be like. Waaa i am not in the movie! You will be in some as different people! Ok well this is works out. Jet will be little brother until episode three because purple will be born in episode three!. Then Ac Dude  1 as Timmy the big and mean brother.  And I will be Just Cena. I think practice will be next week because I need to set up the igloo and think of some episodes. Also we will do it Sunday but jet wont be here until Sunday because he has something to do. So Ttbean15 you will be appearing in 2 episode! Be ready!

Ps. I am asking for ideas like movie name, ideas for episodes. Stuff like that just comment! But dont comment of episodes until I tell you what third movie is.

Waddle On! 😉 ~9John Cena~

About 9John Cena

hey guy I play cp a lot so if you see me say hi and I may add you. I am a normal penguin but also i am an army penguin. ALso I log in Yeti in Spanish, and in a lot of servers in English but mostly in yeti zipline, Mammoth, Avalanche,Alpine , Marshmellow, and Beanie. And I log in cp almost all days.

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  1. i want to be in that movie but i think its to late already D:

  2. 7russle was there 2

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